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Looking to Buy New

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Live Auto Exchange (LAE) provides a wide-array of leading edge, customer driven services related to the search, negotiation and leasing/purchasing of new vehicles. We understand how time consuming, confusing and occasionally frustrating it can be to lease or purchase a new vehicle.

LAE will partner with you to ensure that your vehicle leasing/purchasing experience is a positive one. If you are considering a new vehicle, we would be pleased to assist you in meeting any of the following objectives:

  • Save you time throughout the buying process
  • Save you money by ensuring you get the best deal, with no surprises
  • Save you confusion by explaining key steps, forms, terminology etc.

Looking to Buy Pre-Owned

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If you are looking for the best deal you can get on a trade-in or looking to sell your vehicle outright, LAE offers the right services to meet your needs.


Looking to Trade-In or Sell

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For Retail customers, Lal's comments

For Dealers and Wholesalers, our online, real-time private business-to-business network lets you buy, sell and appraise used vehicles, receiving immediate guaranteed prices. The services have been built around the specific needs of the used vehicle industry and have been designed to provide automotive businesses with a significantly better alternative to effectively and profitably manage their used-vehicle inventory.

Traditional used vehicle business transactions between buyers and sellers have been limited to a small number of personal relationships between used vehicle managers at new vehicle dealerships, used vehicle dealerships and wholesale buyers. There is little supporting structure for the transaction and the personal network of a used vehicle buyer or seller limits both the number of buyers to purchase a used vehicle and sellers to provide available used vehicle inventory to be bought.

LAE's solutions can free you from these limitations. Please contact us today!